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Active seating

Prevents the risk of sitting static and supports the dynamic sitting position

Aim for a dynamic sitting position where you have good foot contact to the ground and you sit on your seat knots and are open in the hip joint. Have the opportunity to sit upright and activate your core. Your breathing will be easier when you do not collapse and you prevent neck problems. The mobility of a chair also provides better blood flow in the body.

Within occupational therapy, one speaks of the "double-focused attention". To have as much focus on his body as on his work assignment.

With one of the ACTIVE SEATING chairs, you do not have to concentrate on sitting properly, the chair does it for you and you can put all the focus on your work task.

The chairs are light in weight, so they are easy and ergonomic to move around with, still with a good, stable base.

PIVO - designed to allow you to sit on it while keeping your body active. The base of the chair is flexible, which means that micro-movements strengthen your body and keep it moving. Movement of the pelvis gives you a more appropriate sitting position and prevents the risk of sitting static.

Pilates - provides a healthy and strong back because it trains the back muscles. Pilates requires the body to "concentrate on sitting", thereby actively strengthening and maintaining the abdominal and back muscle groups while sitting. The Pilates seat relieves distress in the body.

Sway - the base is flexible and allows for constant movement while sitting. Use Sway as a stand support and achieve a better weight transfer on your feet and legs, relieving the rest of the body.

Dalton flex - gives free hands while the thighs control the chair movement. At the same time, the saddle gives a relaxed posture and straight back, so you can sit for a long time. The saddle's FLEXMATIC mechanism automatically adjusts to the optimal ergonomic sitting position. You achieve a dynamic sitting position with the possibility of open joints and movement in both hip, lower back and pelvis.