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Saddle chairs

Provides good sitting comfort, free hands and upper body - also in changing positions

Using a saddle chair you get an ergonomically correct posture and straight back, so you can sit for a longer period of time without feeling tired in the body.

Read more about the different types of saddle chairs here

The saddle chair lets you get close to the subject you are working on. Working on a saddle chair has a number of advantages. Among other things, tension in the shoulder muscles is reduced and you are also reducing knee and hip problems and improving blood circulation in the legs.

The saddles are available in polyurethane-foam or in upholstery/cold foam, and if you choose our seating mechanism EASY SEAT, it is possible to adjust the seat-angle 14° forward and 3° backward, or you can settle for a seat that can be adjusted up and down only. Our product range of saddle stools can be combined with different bases with castors or gliders, making it possible for you to find the saddle stool matching your exact needs.

All our chairs can be combined with different bases, heights of gassprings, mechanisms, seats, material and colors of upholstery. If you did not find what you were looking for, please contact us at and we will do our best to guide you.


Mini - Alu50 easy

Mini saddle chair with alu base and easy seat mechanisme


Mini - Alu50 flex

Mini saddle chair with alu base and flexmatic mechanisme



Echo saddle chair with alu base