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Global mini work table

The Global Mini work table can be used for a number of purposes, such as packaging, mounting and sorting. The workbench is stable and has 5 swivel 75 mm. castors, 2 with brake. The tabletop is a powder coated sheet metal with an edge.

A very flexible work table, easily moved around and quickly adjusted, both in terms of angle and height of the table top.

Table top: 500 x 350 mm.
Frame: Ø560 mm.
Height adjustment range: 700-940 mm.

Other info:
Table top tilting: 0-40°
Lifting capacity: approx. 25 kg.
Maximum load capacity: 100 kg.
5 pcs. 75 mm. castors, 2 with brake. 

Artikelnummer: 80 14 01