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Assists you in stressful work situations

We offer several solutions for mechanics, including creepers, back support aid, tool carousel and tire trolley.

Workshop creepers from Global Stole can be used by car mechanics when working under the car’s frame. They can also be used by mechanics working in places with difficult access, or in demanding working positions requiring both mobility and access to tools.

Our range of creepers are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, and they are adjustable according to the worksituation. Maneuvering the creepers is easy due to the design of the castors.


Creeper - Prestige

Especially suitable when working with large machines and equipment


Lima - Creeper

A functional help when working under the car


Back support aid

Very practical when working in spots that are difficult to access



Stable steel frame construction with 6 removable drawers per shelf


Tire trolley

Holds up to 5 tires