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Sigma Sway

The Sway base excels by being flexible, allowing you to be moving while sitting on it. When using Sway as a stand support, you gain a better weight distribution, so you relax your back and use the large muscle groups in your legs instead. And at the same time you have the opportunity for constant movement.

With the flat and stable base you can sit relaxed and secure so you can enjoy comfort and healthy movements all at the same time.

This stool is with the practical Sigma polyurethane seat, which provides good sitting comfort and is robust in the rougher environments.

Seat diameter: 36 cm.

Seat height, medium gas spring: 49-68 cm.


3D model and Mixed reality

With this QR code you get the opportunity to visualize your chair in your own environment. Scan it with your mobile phone or tablet and let the model be placed in the real world.

Does not work optimally in Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use a different browser. For example Chrome or Firefox.

Artikelnummer: 83 2 001